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Consolidated Federal Credit Union

January 9, 2012

Consolidated Federal Credit Union

consolidated federal credit union

The Consolidated Federal Credit Union is a non-profit independent organization that is based out of Portland Oregon, dedicated to providing their clients with the highest quality financial serivces and soulutions. CFCU offers a host of different services, those of which include:


  • Saving For College – A Coverdale Education Savings Account is offered by Consolidated Federal Credit Union which allows one to put up to $2,000 a year into the account that goes towards paying the beneficiaries college tuition and other related expenses.
  • Personal Wealth Management – Consulting services are provided for a host of different wealth management related issues, where the Consolidated Federal Credit Union acts as your “chief financial officer”. Some of these include; retirement, major financing, taxes, acuiring real estate, charity among others. This section also includes “Investment Management” which offers services such as; customized portfolios, options for stocks, management of discretionary assets, stategies for tax efficiency and more.
  • Retirement Accounts – Retirement accounts are offered through an Individual Retirement Account, which consultation is given to help one maximize their retirement savings.

Home Loans

  • Home Equity Loans – Offering 15 years loans with, with zero fees for set up, low interest rates, repayment plans that are flexible and more. Auto equity loans are also offered.
  • “Free Pre-Qualifications – Offering online applications to get pre-qualified.
  • Loan Products – This Consolidated Federal Credit Union service is for the purpose of finding out which financing product will suit your mortgage needs.

Auto Center

  • Credit Union Direct Lending – This service allows you to attain financing for your new car expenses, which members of CFCU will enjoy the highest privelages like the best rates.

Credit Cards

  • Identity Theft – Being that identity theft has been on the rise, the Consolidated Federal Credit Union gives tips that help one avoid becoming a victim of identity theft.
  • Verified By Visa – This service is geared towads providing Visa card holders with protection when using their card to purchase anything.
  • Tranfer Rebate – A 1 percent rebate if one transfers their balance to a credit card offered by CFCU.
  • Community Donation – Consolidated Federal Credit Union donates a certain amount, every time one makes a transaction with one of their issued credit cards, which the donation goes to SOLV.

Business Services

  • Visa Green Card – Offering the Visa Green and Visa Classic cards that come with low interest rates, zero annual fees, complimentary insurance for car rentals, balance tranfer incentives and more.
  • 401 K Plan Services
  • Business Savings Accounts – Offered in this section are a myriad of different accounts all of which provide preperation for “unexpected emergencies.
  • Commercial Real Estate Loans – These loans offered by Consolidated Federal Credit Union offer terms for financing that are flexible as well as zero repayment penalizations.
  • Quickbooks – A software which allows on to enjoy transaction downloads.

More Loans

  • Their more loans section is just how is sounds, which a host of different loan services are offered that include; recreational vehciles, student lending programs, differentiating between a personal line of credit and a personal loan and current personal loans.

There are two Consolidated Federal Credit Union locations,  where you can visit if you are interested in consulting with one of their professionals about any of the services above. The locations include:

NW Portland
2055 NW Savier
Portland, OR 97209
(503)  226-4991

NE Portland
2021 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR


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