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Credit Cards For Good Credit – How To Find The Best One For You

April 13, 2012

Credit Cards For Good Credit

A good credit score, which is a score that falls between 620 to 720, is all you really need to build an instant trust with creditors that can allow you to negotiate as well as get the best deals and terms when it comes to you credit card, offering you a chance to enjoy the things that are not being enjoyed by those with low credit scores. They know your risk of default is slim to none which opens up the opportunity for you to enjoy great rewards programs, promotional offers and best of all the lowest interest rate possible. Now with obtaining credit cards for good credit will allow you to save money on all aspects of what you use your credit card on, which can include things like your car payment, mortgage payment, shopping and much more, as lower interest will equate to you paying more money to the principal. There are a wide variety of credit cards that are being offered to those with good credit, all of which cater to a different need, which depending on your need you want to maximize what you want the most, milking your good credit score for all its worth. Below is a list of the different types.

credit cards for good credit

Zero Percent APR – No finance charges on your purchases during the promotion period can be pretty awesome, pretty much using your card just like you would with cash. Now only will you be able to use it without being charged interest, you can also transfer your balances to this card from your other card with higher interest and pay it off fast. Those with good credit scores will also get offered longer promotional periods than those with bad credit, allowing you to maximize the benefits of the promotional period even longer.

Gas Cards – Do you drive a lot or just want to have an alternative to paying for the ever growing gas prices? You can go for a card that offers your with the most points for purchasing gas, which when you reach a certain total of points, your efforts will be rewarded with a pre-paid gas cards.

Rewards – Using your credit card can come with great rewards, like anything from being able to redeem your points for a big screen TV to all expenses paid trip to Hawaii, which if you use your card a lot, points can add up fast allowing you to obtain some pretty awesome rewards.

Airline Miles – Credit cards for airline miles can also be great when looking for credit cards for good credit, which they are awesome for those who travel a lot and are looking to get free plane tickets, which these cards are the best for people who travel for business and are doing it very often and not for those who travel sparingly.

Cash Back Offers – Depending on how you shop, you can look for a credit card that offers you the best cash back offers on how you spend. Rebates add up very quickly, as for example say you spend $200 a week with your credit card and are getting 5% back, this would equate to you getting $520 a year in cash back rewards. This is money in which you can cash in every month or at the end of the year, allowing you to even pay for part of a much deserved vacation, essentially with “free” money.

You credit card life will get even better for you as your credit score raises, which you can do so by continuing to make ontime payments on your credit cards for good credit as well as keeping your debt total as low as possible.



Credit Cards For Fair Credit – Overview & 3 Of The Best Credit Cards

April 7, 2012

Credit Cards For Fair Credit

credit cards for fair credit

Before we jump into information on credit cards for fair credit, you may be wondering exactly what fair credit is and if the term applies to yourself. Well someone who has fair credit is someone who:

  1. Makes the majority of their credit card payments on time each month but has missed of few payments.
  2. Small to medium amount of debt, but not so much that they are in over their head.
  3. They have a debt to income ratio that is categorized as low.
  4. Have fallen behind when it comes to paying their monthly dues.
  5. As well as one who has a credit score that is in between around 640 to 680.

The good news about having fair credit is that it will not bar you from obtaining a credit card contrary to popular belief, which the same perks apply to fair credit individuals like being able to get rewards points, cards offering cash back on purchases, credit cards for small businesses and more. Keep this in mind, when setting out to apply for credit cards for fair credit as you have very good chances of obtaining your preferred credit card as most people think they will get denied but would have ended up getting approved, but there are still drawbacks as you may not enjoy all the terms that one would enjoy with a excellent credit score, but don’t be afraid to negotiate better terms as many lenders are inclined to so due to the fact that creditors like that they aren’t the only one participating in the issuing process, showing that you care about your financial situation.

Some Of The Best Credit Cards For Fair Credit

Below are 3 options that you can consider when searching for credit cards for bad credit, which these are known as some of the best for those with fair credit.

  1. Bank of America Accelerated Rewards American Express (TM)- Created for those with fair credit and provides eligible applicants with a fixed interest rate of 9.9 percent, fixed meaning that it will NEVER change throughout the entire time you use it. This credit card for fair credit also comes with no yearly fee as well as 0 percent APR for the first year. They also have rewards program where you get 1.25 points for every dollar spent with the card on a variety of different purhases.
  2. Citi Platinum Select Card – This is another great option for those looking for credit cards for fair credit as it offers rates as little as 10.9 percent, a 0 percent intorductory rate when it comes to balance transers.
  3. Iberia Bank Visa Classic Card – This card offers you the chance to enjoy only 4 percent purchases rates and and free transfers and is highly regarded as the best credit card for average credit.

Other Information On Credit Cards For Fair Credit

Credit cards for fair credit are designed to rebuild credit scores but come with fair terms as well, meaning that it can include:

  • Less freedom when it comes to your line of credit.
  • Fees for yearly use.
  • Above average interest rates.

But if you endure these so called negative aspects and be sure to make your monthly payments on time each month, you will soon have a much better credit score and be able to become eligible for a card that offers more favorable terms and is a lot more lenient to what you can do with it. The opportunity also poses itself that you can be aloud to better terms with the company that you received your fair credit score credit card through if you make ontime payments as you will establish good trust with the company, making them more inclined to provide you with more favorable terms.

So when you go to apply for a credit card the credit card company is going to take into account things like how much debt you have, your job and how much you earn as well as most importantly your capability to pay back your debt. Make sure to come with all the documents needed and fill out the application in it’s entirety as this will give you the best chance at getting the best terms and rates. If possible having money saved up in the bank can provide you with a better chance for being approved for credit cards for fair credit as well as a budget that shows that you can easily repay the monthly payment each month

Best Credit Card For Airline Miles – How To Find One & A List Of The Best

March 31, 2012

Best Credit Card For Airline Miles

best credit card for airline miles

When it comes the best credit card for airline miles, these cards are just as it states, the best  for airline miles and not really anything else. They are great for those who travel and intend on using them to buy their plane tickets everytime they travel, which will eqaute to a myraid of flight miles piling up and you getting free flights, but they need to be used very often as if they are used sparingly the interest rates are way to high and you will not reap the benefits. Here are a couple tips that will help you find the best credit card for airline miles that caters to your needs:

  • You want to consider  how you like to travel. Do you travel alone or with your family as some offer costless tickets for companions, or certain upgrades like first class. Considering how you like to travel will allow you to find a credit card provider that really caters to what you are looking for and satisfy your needs.
  • Also keep in mind, when looking for the best credit card for airline miles that there are different point systems, being that some companies award points for certain shopping preferences like retail and grocery store purchases among other as well as points for generic purchases. You can try to find a program that awards more points for shopping at certain shops and stores that you shop at, allowing you to maximize your rewards points.
  • Is there a limit to what you need to spend? Some credit card companies have limits on what you need to spend in order to use your points, so find one that offers a minimum spending limit that is lower that the average of what you spend per year on flights.
  • What kind of interest rates do they have? Most of them have high interest rates, so if you tend to keep a balance they can be more of a burden, so either plan on paying it off each month and/or find one with the best interest rate if you to intend on keeping a balance.

The next section will provide you with information on the different types of airline credt cards and a list of some of the best credit cards for airline miles.

Different Types Of Airline Miles

Now the main type that people affiliate with airline miles credit cards are the ones that are sponsored by a bank or big brand name, which they are provided by financial providers and not flight companies. You basically compile points every time your puchase anything and those points can be used not only to buy plane tickets but they can be redeemed for any other prize that the rewards program offers. Now these can be great as you can use the points to shop around and find the best plane ticket prices, then go with the cheapest provider. One of the best credit cards for airline miles in this category is the:

  • Capital One No Hassle Miles (SM) Rewards Card

When looking for the best credit card for airline miles keep in mind that there are air miles credit cards as well as frequent flyer credit cards, which the frequent flyer cards can provide benefit to those looking for to fly with only one specific airline. If you are looking for something like this, a frequent flyer card can provide you with immense value as you can pile up points with your favorite flight company allowing you to stay loyal, as well as utilize it just like you would any other regular credit card as flight companies actually link up with brand name credit card providers like American Express, Mastercard, VISA and more. If you opt to use this best credit card for airlines option, there are a few drawbacks that you should know about, those being that you cannot shop around for the best prices when you want to use up your points as the points are only good for that specific flight company, as well as frequent flyer credit cards tend to come with both higher interest rates as well and larger yearly feees when compared to the likes of generic airline miles credit cards. As far as the best credit card for airline miles in this category, as few great ones include:

  • Chase Continental World Mastercard
  • American Express Jet Blue Card
  • Juniper US Airways World Mastercard
  • American Express Delta Skymiles

When searching  for the best credit card for airline miles just remember to read the fine print because so providers state that if you are late on your payments your airline miles points can actually be wiped away, leaving you with nothing after all your hard earned work.




How To Get Consolidation Loans For Bad Credit

February 27, 2012

Consolidation Loans For Bad Credit

Consolidation Loans For Bad Credit

You can get consolidation loans for bad credit that can really help you get out of debt once and for all and not have your credit affect your ability to eliminate this debt. This first option that you can consider is getting a worth co-signer, which if you can get one it can be a very valuable thing to have that can result in better interest rates as well more lenient repayment terms. If you are able to obtain a co-signer when applying for consolidation loans with bad credit, you have the option of having the loan tranferred to your name later on, usually after 1 to 2 years of ontime payments.

This is one way of obtain consolidation loans for bad credit, but you can also qualify for loans regardless of your credit score but they may come with higher interest rates as well as the possibility of you needing to provide collateral, which is something valuable that the lendee puts up which is to be taken it they do not make their monthly payments.

Other methods that have been used to attain bad credit consoliation loans are borrowing against things like your home or taking out equity to pay off debts, as well as borrowing against ones car. If these options to do not apply to your situation, then the next section will provide you with other alternatives.

Finding Reputable Companies That Offer Consolidation Loans For Bad Credit

1.)  There are various ways to find the best rates on consolidatoin loans for bad credit, which a great way to do so is to search online on sites that offer comparisons on rates of different credit card consolidation companies. When you find one that you wish to do business with, always meet in person when doing the paperwork, never fill out anything or offer any personal information online.

2)  If you are uncomfortable applying for bad credited consolidation loans, then a great alternative can be visiting a bank or a credit union, which credit unions are known for offering much better interest rates on their loans as well as offer better eligibility odds when it comes to those with bad credit scores, compared to the likes of banks. You can also consider going through a non-profit organization for consolidation services, which you will want to make sure they are infact a non-profit organization, which you can do so by demanding their non profit documentation.

3.)  You can also meet with various lenders and compare their rates, allowing you to go with one that provides you with the best interest rates.

The main thing to keep in mind when searching for a company that can provide you with a consolidation loan for bad credited is to make sure they are repuatable, which the best way to do so is to contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB) whom keep tabs on a myraid of different companies and know whether or not they provide honest services. The most reputable companies offering consolidation loans for bad credit will actually have the BBB logo on their website, which you can also verify consolidation companies at you states auditors office.

Requirements For Consolidation Loans For Bad Credit

When meeting with a bad credit consolidation loan lender, you will need to prove a couple of aspects about yourself, those of which include:

  • Proof that you are a US citizen, or a permanet resident.
  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Proof that you have a job as well as documentation of what you are earning. This will both provide the bad credit debt consolidation company with the confidence that you can pay your monthly payments as well as information needed for them to cater a good repayment plan that you can afford.
  • That you have lived in the same place for a minimum of 1 year.

You will need to prove a minimum of 6 months of employment history, as well as a list of all your expenses that will show if you can truly buget in an additional monely payment, which you can prove that you can by creating a budget of all your expenses and proving that you have extra money each month to do so.

Consolidation Loans For Credit Cards – How To Get The Best Loans

December 4, 2011

Consolidation Loans For Credit Cards

Attaining a consolidation loan for credit cards you have debt with can equate to the first step towards gaining back your financial independency as well as freedom, and best of all being one less number in the ever growing number of people that are in over their heads in debt. When you take out a credit card consolidation loan, you will be able to possibly get a much lower interest rate, being that credit card interest rates are sky high, as well as you will avoid the gargantuan fees that comes with paying late, as you will now be paying on a much lower payment total each month as consolidation companies stretch out the repayment period, enabling lower payments.

consolidation loans for credit cards

When going to apply for a consolidation loan for credit cards, you will be entertained by two different offers, which are loans in the form of being secured or unsecured. Secured credit card consolidation loans, also known as secured lending, are offered for those who are willing to put up collateral like a home or car or any other asset that has high worth which the higher worth, the better chance that the person will receive a loan as well as better rates. If the borrower fails to make their credit card consolidation loan payments they will go into defualt, which then the lender then owns the collateral that is put up. The benefit of secured loans is that they always come with lower interest rates than that of unsecured loans, as well as offer more lenient repayment terms, enabling one to extend payments terms to up to 30 years. This method is most often used for those who have very high debt totals, and need to get a large loan.

Unsecured consolidation loans for credit cards do not require any collateral to be offered for acceptance, but unlike secured loans, acceptance is based off of your credit score. If one doesn’t have a good credit score, then it is imperative to find a someone who does, and have them be your co-signer, and being that you are not offering something to loose, interest rates will most likely be higher as well as repayment terms will be higher. Unsecured consolidation loans for credit cards are best for those who do not have a home or much in the form of collateral.

No matter which option you end up choosing, you will want to compare APR rates and terms along with other encompassing information before committing to the first company that will have you, as you will be able to find the best deal for you and not get sucked into a company that is just trying to close a deal. It is also highly advised that you employ a debt consouler who can advise you on reputable companies and the best terms for your particular situation as well as they can also provide alternatives that can be better for your situation if infact a consolidation loan for credit cards isn’t the best way to go.

How To Get The Best Conolidation Loans For Credit Cards

Below are a few tips that you may want to consider entertaining in the event that you choose on using consolidation loans for credit cards.

  • In the event that you want to pay your debt off early, you will want to find a company that offers principal rate reduction,
  • If in fact you are looking for a longer repayment term to pay off your credit card consolidation loan, you will want to find a company offering interest rate reductions.
  • Make sure you find companies who have permanent discounts, not just temporary.
  • If you happen to be with another lender, and during that time you started with a poor credit score, but have boosted it up during the time your have been with your current lender, like 100 points or more, you can consider going to another lender who may give you a better interest rate, or try and negotiate better terms with your current credit card consolidation lender since they want to keep your business.
  • Low interest rates are also found through non profit organizations which you can tell if they are non profit by asking them to prove their non profit formation which is:  (501(c)(3)), but if you do not go with a non profit organization, make sure the company is involved with either The Association of Debt Settlement and/or Internal Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDB) or both.
  • Using auto debit can result in your saving a small percentage, but a percentage none the less on your interest rates, as well as ensures that you make your consolidation loans for credit cards payment on time each month.
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