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How To Find The Best Secured Credit Card For You

April 28, 2012

Best Secured Credit Card

Often times a secured credit card is confused with a prepaid credit card, which if you don’t know the difference then a secured credit card works like a credit card which you can make credit purchases with it, but if requires a deposit in order to obtain it, which the deposit is usually equal to or similiar to the your spending limit. A prepaid credit card on the other hand is basically like a debit card in which you deposit money and can make the same purchaes you can make with any other credit card.

best secured credit card

Both of which can raise your credit score with ontime payments but a secured credit card is known for offering better results when it comes to establishing a credit score and especially rebuilding a credit score, which credit card companies submit your history to 3 major credit bureaus each month, 3 great opportunities to raise your score each month.

How To Find The Best Secured Credit Card

The best secured credit cards even come with much more attractive interest rates and other fees compared to traditional credit cards. Shopping around is one of the best ways to find the best secured credit card for you but another great way is simply visiting your bank as they be more inclined to give you a good deal than doing business through a corporation who doesn’t know you, unlike your bank whom you are a customer out and build up a relationshiop with. But when looking for the best secured credit card you can consult our compiled list below can help you out when start your search, no matter who your are looking to obtain the card through.

  • Most importantly what kind of features does the card offer, and do they fit your spending habits. For example if you drive a lot then you want to fo for one that offers the best rewards for gas purchases.
  • Are you aloud to change your date of payment?
  • What are the yearly fees and interest rates? Sometimes companies offer lower interest rates but make it up in the amount they charge for yearly usage, or vise versa.
  • Can you switch over to a non secured account later on?

Now looking for the best secured credit card for you can offer you the chance to rebuild your credit score on a spending basis that best fits what you can afford to deposit, allowing you to not over spend and go into debt like you could with a traditional credit card that often come with higher lines of credit. Even if you do happen to miss a payment, it won’t hurt your credit score at all as the money you owe will just be deducted from the amount you deposited as a from of payment, still allowing you to get an ontime payment on your record. This entire process will allow you to build up your credit score which equates to you getting lower interest rates either through the company that provided you with the secured credit card as well as if and when you apply to different credit card companies.

Also in order to be eligible for a secured credit card all you need to have is proof that you earn an income as well as are at leat 18 years old. Lastly when you get the best secured credit card for you, remember that it’s sole purpose is really to raise your credit score, which you can do so by making small purchases and incurring small balances which will allow you to pay it off with ease each month so that you will have a perfect payment history on your record.

Best Credit Card For Airline Miles – How To Find One & A List Of The Best

March 31, 2012

Best Credit Card For Airline Miles

best credit card for airline miles

When it comes the best credit card for airline miles, these cards are just as it states, the best  for airline miles and not really anything else. They are great for those who travel and intend on using them to buy their plane tickets everytime they travel, which will eqaute to a myraid of flight miles piling up and you getting free flights, but they need to be used very often as if they are used sparingly the interest rates are way to high and you will not reap the benefits. Here are a couple tips that will help you find the best credit card for airline miles that caters to your needs:

  • You want to consider  how you like to travel. Do you travel alone or with your family as some offer costless tickets for companions, or certain upgrades like first class. Considering how you like to travel will allow you to find a credit card provider that really caters to what you are looking for and satisfy your needs.
  • Also keep in mind, when looking for the best credit card for airline miles that there are different point systems, being that some companies award points for certain shopping preferences like retail and grocery store purchases among other as well as points for generic purchases. You can try to find a program that awards more points for shopping at certain shops and stores that you shop at, allowing you to maximize your rewards points.
  • Is there a limit to what you need to spend? Some credit card companies have limits on what you need to spend in order to use your points, so find one that offers a minimum spending limit that is lower that the average of what you spend per year on flights.
  • What kind of interest rates do they have? Most of them have high interest rates, so if you tend to keep a balance they can be more of a burden, so either plan on paying it off each month and/or find one with the best interest rate if you to intend on keeping a balance.

The next section will provide you with information on the different types of airline credt cards and a list of some of the best credit cards for airline miles.

Different Types Of Airline Miles

Now the main type that people affiliate with airline miles credit cards are the ones that are sponsored by a bank or big brand name, which they are provided by financial providers and not flight companies. You basically compile points every time your puchase anything and those points can be used not only to buy plane tickets but they can be redeemed for any other prize that the rewards program offers. Now these can be great as you can use the points to shop around and find the best plane ticket prices, then go with the cheapest provider. One of the best credit cards for airline miles in this category is the:

  • Capital One No Hassle Miles (SM) Rewards Card

When looking for the best credit card for airline miles keep in mind that there are air miles credit cards as well as frequent flyer credit cards, which the frequent flyer cards can provide benefit to those looking for to fly with only one specific airline. If you are looking for something like this, a frequent flyer card can provide you with immense value as you can pile up points with your favorite flight company allowing you to stay loyal, as well as utilize it just like you would any other regular credit card as flight companies actually link up with brand name credit card providers like American Express, Mastercard, VISA and more. If you opt to use this best credit card for airlines option, there are a few drawbacks that you should know about, those being that you cannot shop around for the best prices when you want to use up your points as the points are only good for that specific flight company, as well as frequent flyer credit cards tend to come with both higher interest rates as well and larger yearly feees when compared to the likes of generic airline miles credit cards. As far as the best credit card for airline miles in this category, as few great ones include:

  • Chase Continental World Mastercard
  • American Express Jet Blue Card
  • Juniper US Airways World Mastercard
  • American Express Delta Skymiles

When searching  for the best credit card for airline miles just remember to read the fine print because so providers state that if you are late on your payments your airline miles points can actually be wiped away, leaving you with nothing after all your hard earned work.




How To Find The Best Small Business Credit Card For Your Business

March 24, 2012

Best Small Business Credit Card

Finding the best small bueinss credit card for ones business is often the first thought that comes to mind when one is looking for funding to get things rolling as well as at times when funds are needed to sustain the business. Business loans were popular years ago, but they are getting harder and harder to attain, some people are looking for other options, which good small business credit cards are becoming the best alternative. There are certain things that one needs to look for when searching for the best small business credit card as not all cards are created equal, which below are various different tips that can help you sift through the generic and get one that will coincide with what a small business needs.

best small business credit card

Finding the Best Small Business Credit Card

1.)  Introductory Periods – There are small business credit cards out there that come with anywhere from 6 to 15 months of introductory offers, which these offers range anywhere from a deferred payment grace period where they allow you to not have to pay any payments for a designated period to no interest at all among many others. Getting your hands on one that has 0% APR for the first “X” amount of months can provide you with the freedom of purchasing the neccesities for your business without having to worry about paying any interest at all, which even better will give you enough time to pay off the debt before the interest kicks in. These are just a couple examples of what introductory perks can include, but depending on your business needs, finding the best small business credit card for your company can be done by finding an introducory period offering what would benefit your business best.

2.)  Balance Transfer Access – This is also a big feature that you want to make sure that your small business credit card has if in fact you plan on transfering old high interest balances then look for a card that offers either a flat transfer rate or one that has a cap on the charge amount.

3.)  Rewards – Trying to find a card that offers rewards programs can really provide you with the best small business credit card as you can use these rewards and redeem them for cash, allowing you put your cash rewards right back into the business.

4.)  Low Interest Rate – Now this goes without saying as the best credit cards for small businesses are ones with the lowest interest rates. The best way to get the best interest rates on your credit card is to apply with the best credit score, which if you have partners in your business, all of you should do a credit check and find out who has the best credit score. Whoever has the best one should apply for the credit card, but needs to be a partner to be a cosigner.

5.)  Do A Background Check – This is one of the most sure fired ways of finding the best small business credit card, which you want to check different forums and blogs who have reviewed or are talking about the credit card that you have honed in on. This will allow you to get reviews from real people who have used the card already, providing you with valuable information that the credit card provider may not tell you.

One Of The Best Small Business Credit Cards

To give you a head start, one of the best known credit cards for small businesses is the American Express Business Credit Card which offered a 0% introductory rate for the first 12 billing cycles. Other perks of this best small business credit card option include:

  • Making a payment either in full or over time.
  • A Memebership Rewards Option program that one can apply for free for which offers a host of different rewards like airline points and hotel points among others.
  • A community program where you can network with other business owners as well as get expert advise.




Best Credit Card Consolidation Loans

January 16, 2012

Best Credit Card Consolidation Loans

There are various factors that go into finding the best credit card consolidation loans for you and your particular debt situation but the first thing you want to comtemplate is whether you really want to use consolidation for your debt/bills as there are various different debt relief methods. The situation in which credit card consolidation is best is when one is having trouble making their even their minimum payments as well as are paying high interest rates in which the minimum payment is only really covering the interest, and maybe a small amount of the total debt. Debt consolidation can both lower interest and provide you with a fixed interest rate not variable like credit card lenders, as well as provide you with a lower overall debt total, if you find the right loan and lender.

Credit Card Consolidation Loans

How To Find The Best Credit Card Consolidation Loans

The easiest method known when it comes to finding the best credit card consolidation loan for you is to use complimentary online quote in which many lenders offer on their websites. Now you can shop around and get one online quote after another, but an more stress free method is at your avail, known as side by side comparisons which a website will allow you to get a feel for the rates of and terms of a host of different credit card consolidation providers. A couple of other tips that can help you on the pursuit of finding the best credit card consolidation loans include:

  • You will also want to contact your states Department of Banking in order to make sure that the credit card consolidation company that you are looking to do business with is licensed and providers fair services. The Better Business Bureau also keeps a tab on whether companies are reputable or not giving them different ratings depending on how good they are.
  • Read the fine print! Make sure the terms and conditions are exactly as stated before you sign anything.
  • The best consolidation loans for credit cards can also often be found with non profit consolidation companies. But many pose that they are non profit so you will want to verify their non profit status which can be done by contacting your states Department of Banking and/or asking them to provide non profit verification which will come in the form of the variation: (501(c)(3)).
  • Ask for a complimentary counseling session in which you and the credit counseler will go over how credit card consolidation will benefit you more so than your current debt situation, or if a different form of debt relief is a better option.

Best Credit Card Consolidation Loans – Alternatives

If you are looking for the best credit card consolidation loans, but happen to have one credit card that has an interest rate that is considerably lower then the rest of your cards interest rates, you can also consider doing a balance transfer in which you transfer all of your debt to one card allowing you to pay on a lower interest rate which will equate to more money going towards paying off your actual debt. If you go with this debt relief method, you will want to keep in mind that credit card rates are variable and can change on you pretty much at any given moment. You can also try to find a credit card that has zero interest for a period of time in which you can transfer your debt to that card and do everything in your power to pay off as much of the debt as possible during the zero interest timeframe.



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