No Credit Check Credit Cards – Overview & A List Of Providers

March 18, 2012

No Credit Check Credit Cards

When it comes to no credit check credit cards, we never like to be the bearer of bad news but the fact of the matter is that every credit card company is actually held liable for doing credit checks on all of their applicants as it is against the law not to do so. Unfortunately applying for a credit card with bad credit can result in being declined or if you get one then the rates can be very high as well as come with very restricted montly limits. But don’t let this deter you as there is a fantastic alternative that you can utilize that can compensate for the fact that no credit check credit cards are not attainable, which this alternative can turn out to work to your advantage, check them out below!

no credit check credit cards

The No Credit Check Credit Cards Alternative

Pre-Paid Credit Cards

This is proabably the best option to consider as it not only suffices your need for a credit card, it also provides you with a spending limit decided by you which will help you not spend over more than you can afford, which will keep you out of credit card debt! This option requires that you put up cash each month for your spending money, and are easy to get, which best of all there is no credit check for these credit cards. Another positive aspect about this no credit check credit card is the fact that it can actually repair your credit overtime allowing you to attain a higher credit score and be able to obtain regular credit cards with better interest rates and higher lines of credit. It should be known that these no credit check credit cards can come with monthly fees as well as annual fees, but there are a bunch that offer these fees at very low rates, some of the best include:

  1. Account Now Prepaid VISA Card – 0 monthly fees, 0 annual fee.
  2. Upside VISA Prepaid Credit Card – 0 monhtly fees, 0 annual fee.
  3. Capital One Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard – 4.95 monthly. 0 annual fee.
  4. REACH VISA Prepaid Credit Card – 8.95 monthly, 0 annual fee.

The other major benefit of having a prepaid credit card is the fact that you can use it like having cash but don’t have to car around cash in your wallet. You can also use it pretty much anyhere that credit cards are accepeted and you are insured by the FDIC for up to $250,000. The main thing to keep in mind when applying for a these no credit check credit cards is to make sure and read all of the documents they provide you with in their entirety as often times there can be extra fees that may be left out.

If you end up apply for a credit card through a big name provider, then make sure that you get a credit check from a reputable provider, a couple of those being, Equifax, Experian or CallCredit. Doing this will not only allow you to find out what your credit score is and see if it is good enough to become eligible for the credit card, but it will also give you an opportunity to search for mistakes on the credit report, which happen all to often, which when corrected they can boost your credit score significantly. The last thing that you should keep in mind when looking for no credit check credit cards is that there are providers or offer credit cards designed for those who either have a bad credit score or no credit score, which these cards can offer you a better alternative to using a credit card offered by a big named provider.



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