Credit Help – 5 Different Methods To Use

September 23, 2011

Credit Help

If your credit is down in the dumps and you are looking for credit help to get it back up to where you want it to be, we have you covered in the department! There are various different methods that you can use to repair your credit and can be used starting today. Keep reading for the 5 different methods that you can use for credit help.

credit help

5 Credit Help Methods

  1. Keep Your Balances Under 30 Percent – Keeping your balances below the 30 percent level of what your credit line is will bring your higher credit scores and should be followed by everyone with a credit card. Did you know that 30 percent of your credit score is based off of the difference between the amount you owe on a loan as well as what you total limit is? 30 percent is a big number and you can utilize this percentage to your benefit by keeping your balance under 30 percent which is what credit bureaus love to see. If you are unable to keep it this low, then a great way to solve this problem is to ask for an increase in your line of credit.
  2. Re-Age Your Account – Re-aging your account is another excellent credit help method you can use on your pursuit for a better credit score. This is when a persons credit card company takes the account back to a time where you had less or no late fees or other fees, or in other words erases the negative aspects of your account, also called delinquencies. This is usually done by agreeing with your credit card provider that you will make a certain amount of payments on time, usually 12 in a row.
  3. Find Credit Report Errors -  NOTE: This is probably the fastest and most effective way for credit repair around. Many times bureaus make mistakes on your account and it ends up dropping your score. By seeking out and finding these errors, you can get them eliminated and your credit score will start bumping up. This is actually happening on what statistics say to be on over 70 percent of peoples accounts. Although be sure to space out your disputes.
  4. Installment Loans – Having an installment loan on your accounts is anoth method of credit help. This proves that you are responsible with a major source of credit. These can be found in the form of loans for school, cars or mortagage loans.
  5. Paying Off Credit Cards – Obviously everyone knows that paying off credit cards provide excellent credit help, but how do you do this? A great method to use to pay off credit cards is one called “snowballing”. This is when you pay minimum payments on all of your cards but the one with the lowest monthly payment, which you will pay more than the minimum. You can knock out one card at a time by using this method and soon be out of debt on all your credit cards.

For more methods on how to pay credit cards off, click this link: credit help which will show you many more methods on how to do so.

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